How to Write a Superb Cause and Effect Essay

Write a Superb Cause and Effect Essay

Preparatory Checklist

A cause and effect essay serves to explain the connection between an occasion (cause) and its consequences (effect). Regardless of the name, there can be numerous causes leading to a single effect, and a single effect resulting from multiple causes.
If you decide to craft this type of essay, you should follow 5 basic guidelines:

  • Do preliminary research on the topic.
  • Make an outline with thesis and topic sentences.
  • Write a draft of your essay.
  • Proofread and edit the draft.
  • Put the final version together.

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Should You Stick to Long Distance Relationship in College?

Long Distance Relationship in College

Should You Break Up with Your Long Distance Partner in College?

Despite the fact that long distance relationships really suck, I keep getting into them. So, I can be called the expert in the area. I was even invited to participate in a radio show devoted to the topic of long distance relationships. Although this type of romantic relationship is often difficult, there is certainly something good about it. For example, scientists say that partners who are geographically separated develop closer connection than those who meet regularly.

College makes the life of a young person more complicated. So, long distance relationships in college often become unbearable and fail as a result. If you want to be honest with yourself and make a firm decision whether to continue dating your long distance partner, answer the questions below and they will help you make up your mind. Continue reading→

Sample Poetry Analysis Essay: The Author to Her Book Written by Anne Bradstreet

The Author to Her Book Written by Anne Bradstreet

The Author to Her Book is a poem written by Anne Bradstreet that links to many authors who write either technical or poetry guides. The poem centers on Bradstreet’s book The Tenth Muse that has recently appeared in America. It is worth noting that this book was published without the author’s awareness or approval. While reading the poem, it becomes obvious that the author treats the book as her own child taken from its safe world and exposed to the outer surroundings before it is ready. As the children’s way of conduct connects to the parents’ one, the same is with the book – it reflects on her behavior. The author starts noticing many flaws in the book, and she wishes nobody sees them. She wants to hide it away, and she is afraid she will be thought of as a bad writer. Continue reading→

Creative Essays Deserving Your Attention

Creative Essays Deserving Your Attention

For many of us, creative writing can be compared to the visits to the dentist. Probably, you don’t like this creative process and you always feel that your efforts turn out to be under-evaluated. Surely, not every person is good at creative writing – for someone, it’s completely impossible to fulfill such a task. However, it doesn’t mean that nobody could help you. is an online writing service that has a professional team of writers who can help you with any assignment you get. Our professionals will help you to get the highest scores for your writing assignments and provide the well-structured, interesting, and appealing essays. Continue reading→

Tips on How to Write a Great College Essay

Write a Great College Essay

For some students, it is rather hard to write a college application essay. But with some essential recommendations from the most sophisticated experts, the following assignment can become not very complicated! So, read on to learn what these recommendations are.

Establish a Thesis

For most students, the main challenge is to start writing an essay. To facilitate this step, you should establish a thesis and add it into your first paragraph. Afterwards, it will be easier for you to go on and add evidence and supporting details to this thesis. It won’t only help you write better, but also allow the reader to better understand what you are talking about in your essay. Continue reading→